Friday, August 10, 2012

How Awesome is my Horse? or How is my Horse Awesome?

Some of the humans in Iron Canyons automatically get better horses than average.  Or, if you're maybe stealing a bunch of horses or rounding up a wild herd or buying a horse from a non-human who doesn't know to charge you more for what's obviously good horseflesh, theres a 1 in 20 chance of any horse being exceptional per this chart.

roll d100

1-10 Sprinter - 3 times per day this horse can take a double move as a move action (3E) or just move twice the normal amount in a round (older versions). Or if you're doing a double move action anyway, make it a triple.

11-15 Endurance Runner - 1.5 times normal overland travel rate

16-18 Desert Horse - Needs half the water of any other horse

19-21 Cunning - add +1d6 Int or Wis. Understands commands in 2 languages.

22-25 Scout Horse - Horse can move silently 10% per HD or +2 Stealth/HD if you're using skills.  Might also know some hand signs.

26-30 Spirited & Loyal - will try to buck anyone else but its owner off (Horse rolls d20 + str bonus [3E] or HD [older] vs. Ride check or d20 + Dex bonus: if horse wins rider is bucked, if horse loses rider stays on. Keep going until rider is off or you beat the horse by 5)

31-33 Biter - add bite attack 1d6 per HD

34-36 Kicker - improve Hoof attack by one die size

37-42 Mountain Pony - ignores difficult terrain

43-45 Herd Master - other horses naturally follow this horse for whatever reason.  Get a bonus to Handle Animal checks or whatever while riding this horse. Set it free near some wild horse herds and in a week it'll come back on its own with 2d6 new horses that wanna hang around it.

46-48 Pack Horse - Add 100 to each of the weight allowance categories

49-50 Wary - add +4 to the horses CMD (pathfinder rules) to avoid combat maneuvers. For older editions, it takes a similar bonus against any attempt to trip it or push it or whatever.

51-55 Cave Horse - this horse will go underground, no problem. Others not so much.

56-58 Nimble - Add +1d8 dex and accompanying AC bonuses etc

59-60 Hardy - better saves than normal by +1/HD

61-63 Pushy - Likes to push opponents back; gets a free Bull Rush or push attempt on successful attack

64-66 Trippy - Free chance to knock something prone or Trip on successful attack

67-71 Tough - 1d3 bonus HD of hit points

72 Lassie-like intelligence - no speech but can answer yes/no by stamping feet and will go get help if you're stuck in a well or whatever

73-77 Sharp Ears - more difficult to surprise by whatever metric your game system uses for that

78-81 River Horse - Bonus to Swim checks; can swim while carrying rider at no penalty

82-86 Extra-Trainable - +2 bonus to Handle Animal checks to train it (or lower the DCs by 2); can learn one more trick than normal

87-90 Jumping Horse - +5 on Jump checks or just know that it can jump like twice as far as other horses

91-93 Battle Evacuation - If rider falls unconscious but not unhorsed, this horse will make a tactical retreat to safety but keep you on it.

94 Ghost Horse - this horse can see spirits, incorporeal undead, ethereal creatures 25% of the time and invisible things 10% of the time. Highly favored by Shamans

95-00 Roll Twice

 I know there are some detailed and inspired tables and ideas in this space already, but I didn't have them in front of me at work today while I was jotting this down, so this is what I came up with.

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