Saturday, August 11, 2012

Delver Signs

Inspired by Hobo Signs, and because I was trying to come up with a cool Dungeon Dressing subchart for Graffiti, I give you some of the common 'Delver Signs' that you might see scrawled in ruins or subterranean passages with chalk, charcoal, paint, scratched into stone, or whatever. If you're a delver, you might even choose to use a few of them yourself. I've chosen Unicode characters rather than drawing cooler symbols so that you can cut and paste from here into your notes or texts.

Δ - Danger, often used with another sign such as cultists, undead, etc

Ѧ - Extreme Danger

ஃ - Caution

 - You are being watched

Ж - Vermin or insects 

ჯ - Traps

Ψ - Cultists

✫ - Magic

҂ - Beasts

Ҩ - Weird stuff, aberrations, madness

Ջ - Humanoids

ਠ - Undead

૪ - Spirits or Incorporeal Undead

༇ - Supply Cache Nearby

ဂ Go Back

ပ Go Forward

င Go Right

၁ Go Left

 - This way to Surface/Exit

⊻ - This way deeper

※ - Safe to Camp

∲ - Stealth called for

⋈ - Make no fires here
 - Safe water 
≄ - Unsafe Water

What other signs should there be that I haven't thought of? Seems like there should be more but I'm not thinking of them.

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