Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Blood Pillars Dungeon Area Generator Part 1: History and Current Usage

Inspired by some recent tables on Wizard Towers, I decided to brainstorm ideas about things that might be in the ruins and dungeons in the Bloodstone Pillars region of the Iron Canyons. 

Should be mostly self-explanatory.  Roll once per column or if you're in a hurry just roll once and use the whole row.  Or for more complex areas, roll a Controller/With and then roll 1d6+1 areas controlled by that same Controller. [square brackets] indicates a subtable to roll on below. More on lithophages and ichneumon later. Oh, and of course I put it on Abulafia to play with.

RollUsed to be...Now used as...Controlled byWith...
1thoroughfare, throughway, or main passageused for the same purpose once again[elves] elvesa decent map of the level
2garrison or armorya well-organized lair[elves] elvescaptives
3monasterya refuse dump and body disposal area[dwarves] dwarvesnoncombatants to protect
4cathedral, temple, or shrinea workshop or crafting space[dwarves] dwarvespoor morale and desperate for food
5crypt, catacomb, ossuary, or mausoleuma haphazard camp[humans] humansbetter than normal armament/training/combat skills
6prison or slave quartersa storage cache for supplies or food[humans] humansno faces
7tannery, abattoir, or slaughterhousean area controlled but taboo to enter[skaven] skavenextra tentacles, limbs, or other appendages
8magical or alchemical laboratorya worship space[skaven] skavenbetter than normal stealthiness
9necromantic, medical, or graft laboratoryhunting groundsaberrationsan insatiable appetite and very pointy teeth
10collection of low class dwellings and homesa plague colony or asylum for the sick or insane[cult]better than usual treasure (x2)
11collection of mid-high class dwellings and homesa primary sleeping place and lairadventurersunusual diseases or curses
12library or storehousea temporary campa big bad monstersome interesting pets, parasites, or companions
13school, academy, or training areaa tavern, eating area, or food production arealithophagesworse than usual attitudes
14collection of low class services & shops (eg Barbers, Brothels, Taverns, etc)a trading post or neutral groundgiant verminrecent wounds from a hard-fought battle
15collection of high class services & shops (eg Jewelers, Silversmiths, Restaurants)a performance, ritual, or entertainment spacemagical beasts or hybridsunusual size or proportions
16stable or animal holding pensa highly trapped areasummoned demonsa desire to partner with the party
17natural cavern, park, or preservea hardhold or fortresswild animalsgrafts
18refuse disposal area or sewersa nursery, hatchery, or noncombatant quartersdegeneratescreepy rictus grins
19ritual chamberan unused space still ocasionally patrolledoozes or swarmstoo much or too little hair
20wasp cavalry (Ichneumon) hivea gruesome display of the remains of past enemiesapparitions, spirits, or other hauntingsa desire to find something in particular (on [level adjustment] levels away)

4,ichneumon reconquista

4,militant squatter
5,religious crusader
6,well-established colonist

4,squatting or temporary settler

1,deep corrupted
4,a family of scavenger
5,a group of bachelor adventurer
6,a squatting matriarch. broodmales, and connected household

1,cult of undead worshippers
2,cult of personality
3,demonic/diabolic cult
4,aberration cult
5,cult of an object or image
6,spider/vermin cult

I chose a nice bell-curve function for the following table so that the encounter level (or HD or CR or whatever) would be likely to be at/near the current 'dungeon level' (roughly every 100' from surface).  Inspired by tables here (and pointed out by Jeff Rients on G+)

;level adjustment (3d4)
3, -4   (~2%)
4, -3 (~5%)
5, -2 (~9%)
6, -1 (~16%)
7, +0 (~19%)
8, +1 (~19%)
9, +2 (~16%)
10, +3 (~9%)
11, +4 (~5%)
12, +5 (~2%)

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