Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What is Iron Canyons?

Iron Canyons is a fantasy rpg setting that I'm currently working on to flesh out some ideas rattling around in my head.  Its both post-apocalyptic and prehistoric, in an unforgiving land full of ruins and adventure in high arid plains and wild canyon basins.

No Fighters. No Mages or Sorcerers. No Clerics or Priests. No Thieves or Rogues.

Horse Nomad Humans. Crusader Conquistador Dwarves. Decadent Death-Obsessed Elves. Matriarchal Sly Skaven.

Each race will have class options unique to it based on the flavor of the setting for that species.

This blog will be a kind of design journal as I explore the ideas and play with rules and concepts. Plus, everyone in the whole OSR seems to have a game blog, and while I have some creative endeavors that are RPG-related (eg Subterranean Design and Abulafia), I didn't really have a place yet to put down setting ideas in a readily-commentable format.

So here we go.

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