Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Iron Canyon Elves: Evil or Just Necromantically Misunderstood?

Live Thousands of years but have imperfect memories - only recall last ~150 years or so
Thus, many elves seek to discover their own distant pasts
Civilization in complete decline; a shadow of the glorious elven past

Powerful, terrible magic with fearful results

No religion remaining except death cults - necromancers as priestly caste

Captured humanoids become thralls or terrible experiments
White, yellow, gray, or greenish skin - not always easy to tell undead elves from living elves

All elvish armors:  chitin, bone mail, skinsuit, Ichor - all dead things, no minerals

Most remaining cities are in river valleys but the high plains are full of elvish ruins and massive undercities

Immune to undead special attacks

Linguistic basis: Greek

Food: None; sometimes partake of bitter herbs or nutrient supplements made from dead sentient races and beasts

Drink: Fermented Bloodwine, various serums and chemicals

Largely asexual or with highly abnormal habits

Grafts or other magical body-modification 

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  1. You might be interested in the Accordlands setting from AEG. Among other things, the elven longevity has been eroded to the point where they die in a few mere decades. For various reasons they have turned to necromancy to try to extend this.

    It doesn't work, as a rule, but their culture has been significantly affected by this.