Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Iron Canyons Dwarves: Lawful or Just Really Annoyingly Zealous?

Advanced Expansionist Culture of Chivalry, Piety, Honor

Strongly Monotheistic with Large Families

Crusaders and Colonizers - NEED MORE CAVES
Always looking for new habitable underground areas like Elvish Ruins, natural caverns

Classes: OD&D Dwarf, 1E OA Samurai, 2E Runecaster, 3E Crusader, Pathfinder Inquisitor, 4E Paladin
Manifest Destiny brings them aboveground to conquer

Once the slaves of the elves, they are sworn enemies

Clash with humans over territory

Subjugate or work with Skaven to colonize and spread

Armor: Plate, Chain, Scale, Breastplate, 3/4 Plate, 1/2 Plate
Very Early Firearm Use: ~1520s or so - Arquebuses and first Matchlocks

Swords, Pikes/Ranseurs, 2H Swords, Early Firearms, Crossbows, Hammers
Only dwarves know the secret of creating/using gunpowder

Preferred wealth: gold, gems, silver, garnets, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, topaz

Dwarves have no penalties to fighting in darkness

Linguistic Basis: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese

Food: Spicy preserved meats, mushroom flour noodles, rich sauces, breads

Drink: Mineral waters, whisky, white wines

Puritan, intolerant attitudes

Sometimes hire/coerce humans as scouts
Strong Warrior Religion - Paladins are warpriests, dress in Blue

Inquisitors dress in Green

Crusaders dress in Yellow

Samurai in the colors of their house

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